Welcome to the In Between. Within this room you will find a variety of different stories going on, within the different cities. We have built up a bit of information and lore for the world as it is. We encourage you to ask questions, as well as visit The In Between Forum  

Also please see our Banned List

Room Rules

1 )   All Revo site rules apply.
2 )   No child or child like characters. All characters must be 18 and older. If children are born, they may be mentioned in roleplay but not actually played until 18. (While we do understand that this is part of the Revo rules for all characters to be 18, we are adding additional accent on this)
3 )   Character sheets required for character customization. If no character sheet, your character will be considered a base mortal with no powers. You are an average, untrained Joe Schmo who can do nothing outside of the basic normal average person period. You can not be any form of supernatural creature. 
4 )   This is a mutual combat room based on the combat system provided.
5 )   This is intended to be an advanced roleplay room. This means it is intended for players who have experience and understand what the rules and guidelines are, and can follow them without being reminded repeatedly. Because this is an advanced roleplay room, this room is intended for story driven roleplay - which means that the players will often discuss and agree upon major plot points for the story in advance. Therefore sometimes the characters are playing out a preplanned sequence in their character's story that could be disrupted by random characters trying to become involved in that particular story event. If you are unsure whether it is a preplanned event or not, or if your character would fit into the role that is going on, please be respectful and ask the players in PM if you may join in.
6 ) While this room is stated to be a freeform setting it is not a free for all setting.  There are guidelines and rules in place to allow us to keep things balanced and fair for all players.  This room is a freeform roleplay room only because it has a system and lore that draws inspiration from a wide range of sources and some original ideas instead of relying on one published system. If you have an idea for a character or story that you are interested in playing and are unsure whether or not it will fit into the themes and lore of the room, please take the time to review the information provided on the forum. If you are still unsure, please reach out to Curse or dajerushachickie for further discussion. We are happy to work with people to cultivate new ideas and stories that encourage an enjoyable environment for all players, however, this is not intended to be a room where one can just grab some codes and go. Also please do not bring in cannon characters from any fandom.
7 )   Please keep OOC at a minimum during roleplay or move to PM in order to be respectful of your fellow roleplayers.
8 )   Capture within the room only.
9 )   Room Leader is Curse. Dajerushachickie is the room moderator. Please bring any questions and concerns to us. We do understand that not everyone may be best friends however, keep OOC drama to a minimum. We will not tolerate harassment of players, or discrimination of players based on gender/race/sexuality etc.
10 )   This room is an adult room, and therefore adult themes of sex, violence, drugs, death etc are bound to come up. Consider this the explicit content warning. As such also be respectful of other roleplayers and use some common sense.
11 ) Within the city of Las Vegas, supernatural creatures are not known to the general populous. As such, if your character were to do something that would draw attention to their supernatural state, know that there will be dire consequences. Those in charge of the city really don't like the tourists getting scared. When a character is within the mortal realm they are required to make every effort to not reveal the existence of any kind of supernatural creatures.  That means characters should not draw unwanted attention to themselves by using abilities in sight of mortal unless absolutely necessary and if it must be done then the character should make every effort to convenience the person they did not see what they think they did by any means necessary to keep their secret.

By entering the room you are saying that you have read all the information available and fully understand the room concept, theme, limitations, and expectations of the players here.  If after reading all the available information on the forum and if you still do not understand the information feel free to come in and ask questions.  We will be glad to help in that regard. 

This room has a dark hyper-realistic setting.  And while fantastical creatures do exist, they exist within the framework of the setting and theme.  They do not and can not jump from place to place with a complete disregard for the restrictions placed on them (The restrictions are there for a reason) and they should not be seen by the mortal population as anything other than mortals.  If you are interested in flaunting your supernatural nature this is not the room for you.  

I believe in giving second chances when it comes to rule violations, and I do not want to ban anyone or have them removed from the room.  If someone purposely ignores the rules and or tries to disrupt the roleplay in the room, whether it is with malicious intent or out of pure unadulterated ignorance, I will do what I must to keep this room a place where people can roleplay without harassment or disruptions.  To avoid this READ THE RULES AND GUIDELINES.  Learn it, Live it, Love it.