New Orleans is known throughout the world as being a supernatural hot spot. Over the centuries various groups have held power over the city and it always changes with every full moon and new visitor to the city.

Will you be just another face in the crowd or shall you make your presence be known throughout the French Quarter?

Welcome to The Crescent City!

Room Rules
1. All ReVo Rules Apply.
2. No OOC Drama, If RP is going on within the room, please keep OOC chatter to a minimum.
3. Adult content will happen within the room.
4. No Godmoding, force posting or in general preventing others enjoying their time.
5. Enjoy and have fun.

Current Group Leaders

Master of the City: Diomedes
Regina: Cassius DeLuca
Kristianna Kincaid
Prince: Kieran Donovan
        Nimir-Raj/Nimir-Ra: OPEN
Rom/Romni: OPEN
Humans First: OPEN

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| The Crescent City is based on the Laurel K. Hamilton books |
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