Welcome to Outer Banks
Outer Banks

Welcome to beautiful North Carolina. The outerbanks is a stretch of coastal land, and several islands, that was originally an English settlement. The settlement has always had an air of mystery about it. The original settlers had disappeared without a trace, only clue was a word carved in several areas, and the fact that it looked like they had time to move, not hurried. Many think they just moved and were 'lost'. Others think plague. The truth is different. Back in the early colonial days, some of those coming over were Lycan's and Vampire's in hiding from what was going on in Europe. Many of them found this settlement to be perfect, it was a bit cut off from the others, and the islands offered their own protection for grops there. WHen they got there, the made the current settlers move, either forcing them to choose between becoming lycan, vampire or leave. The early settlers had issues, fought but eventually they were at least accepted, most groups there had made truces over the years, but over the years the place came to be known for what it was, a lycan and vampire settlement.

Come to current times, lycan's and vampires are accepted by most and protected by laws, but many still come here to see what this offers. The truces that once were, and a new threat of Humans First outposts stationed outside the area, always trying to find new ways to lower the numbers or cure the 'disease'.
Welcome to the Outer Banks.
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This room is based off of the Anita Blake series by Lauren K. Hamilton
Room Entry created by: Covet - 2017