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Darkness falls across the city. Shadows creep and crawl from the city's stinking alleys. A musty stench assaults the senses from the sewers below while the graveyards whisper and beckon your attention. Monuments spiral into the sky like beacons of false hope in a world of darkness. Marble faces stare with vacant eyes into a city that turned its back on them. 

What is the cause? What lies beneath this marble facade of sinister rot and corruption?

Monsters slaughter the weak and the strong alike and spells are cast from the dark to manipulate you. Ancient texts hide in nooks and crannies. Secrets are kept so deep, they ache for birth from a decaying, blackened womb.

What are you going to do about it?

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Further info:

To the RP chatter: Desire to portray a character through an adventure of random chances and learn a few dice skills along the way? Join us.

To the RPGer: Thrilled to roll a few dice in a game-like environment, but also to write your actions and dialogue with a novelist's flair? This is your chance.

Occido Lumen uses modified elements from Onyx Path's Chronicles of Darkness to lead you through stories of treasure hunting supernatural artifacts, witch-hunting, and surveillance. If you'd like to join our trusty (or not so trusty) troupe of investigators and adventurists, inquire within!

Entry created by Aeternum