Our Home is a  Manor deep in the Bayou's of Southern Louisiana.  The rulers are Ancient Vampires who have decided to finally enter the Modern World.  While seemingly civilized, they are after all, Vampires.  All Supernatural Creatures of the Night and Mortals are welcomed .  You are safe within the walls of the Mansion, a refuge from the storm.  

When you leave the lights of New Orleans and drive along 61 towards Terrebone Parish, there is an area on the left side of the road that none but Family and Friends can see. If you feel brave enough and happen to enter this hidden area, be prepared. You are about to enter the outer grounds of the estate of Night Whispers. Rethinking your decision at this point is fruitless for you have already been sensed and Guards will escort You to the Manor, where You will be greeted by the Family. These are no ordinary People, but Creatures that dwell in the night. Be careful before You cross onto the property, for there be Monsters here.

Join us in a room that is designed to be role play centric, in a setting that takes place in Southern Louisiana, where Vampires, Werewolves, Fallen Angels, Dragon's and other Creatures of the Night exist alongside humans.

If You want to enjoy the delights of New Orleans, please come to Dark Dreams.  Visit the Bar, enjoy drinks and the entertainment... Take a tour of the City, the Cemeteries, the French Quarter, The Garden District... Ride the Trolley...Take a walk through the Parks or on the Docks... But always watch, because ... Here there be Monsters.

If you are adventurous and looking for a place to seek your inner wolf, please visit End of the World.  It is a werewolf paradise.

All of our rooms have the same rules.  This is a Kill Zone (main characters by mutual agreement only or dice roll)  

Graphic Content at times.  Sexual, Battles, Language.  You must be at least 18 to enter.  If it is not for you, please just exit without making unnecessary comments, and please contact with your concerns.

As always, please enjoy yourself and most of all, have fun.  



  2. All Rules of Revo Apply 
    1. Please take a name, not Anonymous, not a single letter.  A name - If you happen to enter the room as such - you will be asked to take an appropriate name.
    2. Please keep OOC to a minimum, it is disruptive to rp.  Take to PM if necessary.  Thank You.   This is not a place to voice opinions that do not pertain to RP. 
    3. Disrespect will not be tolerated.  You will be warned once, if it continues... you will be booted and banned.
    4. Nudity above the waist is allowed, but please be tasteful.
    5. Tasteful open scenes of a sexual nature are allowed, but NOT during roleplay situations.  Be mindful of others and take your conversation of that nature to PM.
    6. If your character is a Vampire, open feeding is allowed
    7. There is no character limit, use as many as you like.  You can roleplay on the side of the oppressors and the side of NW/DD or EotW.
    8. There is a story line here, but it is also free form.  We would please ask that you use your character to help progress the storyline .
    9. The Owner of this Home is Mayra, and she has the final word.  If you have any concerns or questions let her know.
    10. Please, if you have any suggestions for a story line,  please talk to Mayra so We can set the plan in motion.  Any and all suggestions are welcomed.
    11. No God-modding - your posts will be void and ignored.
    12. Any battles, or roleplay of significance will be posted to the forum for judging .
    13. If you wish to be a servant, please use lower case for your name.  you will be placed in a collar unless you wish to be someone's personal servant.  As a  servant,  you will be expected to perform duties around the Home, offering food, drinks to all except other servants.  
    14. Most importantly, use your imagination, let it break the bonds of the normal and soar.  

         BAN LIST :  Dragonlord  - Syko(Mind Freak and all other names he uses)


  1. If you have any questions please contact Mayra
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