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Twilight Falls, ME., welcomes you with tree-lined streets and cozy cottages, yet a forbidding force beckons from the dark. Look twice over your shoulder where the shadows seem to ripple. Beware the empty house at the end of the street ... it's haunted. Fear the Whispering Woods in one of the many wooded areas surrounding the city where many have wandered and never returned. The psychiatric hospital has its own ghost stories and a castle stands upon old memories and dark secrets.

Dare to live at the edge of this world.

This roleplay features mainly vampires, humans, and very limited other creatures or entities. It is a World of Darkness with modified VtR/VtM elements mixed in. This is not a hard-core dice-rolling room (though simple rolling may occur), however you are expected to roleplay fairly and not mix races nor dissolve to complete free form.

- Basic character sheets are required within a week of play. 

Please read all rules and House Rules before asking questions. 

- Twilight Falls is a fictitious city set on the coast of Maine.

Siren Island Asylum is a World of Darkness environment involving human-only player characters.  It is the same asylum mentioned in the storyline, Twilight Falls, which is also a World of Darkness chronicle.  Knowledge of the World of Darkness is not necessary to play here, but if you wish for material, it shall be provided.
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