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- Please keep all ooc to a minimum while play is going on. PM is a wonderful feature.

- There is currently not a specific avatar size limit..but please be courteous of people and scrolling. 
Tasteful nudity is allowed, no underage role play or avatars. No exceptions.

- Always remember: Your ass pays for the check your mouth writes.  If you start shit with others, make sure that it is in character and you are ready to have your character pay whatever consequence may come. 
We do not mitigate, unless in story and for good reason. This is the true purpose of Free-Form.

- Haven is a place of expressionism, creativity, and fun. Our rules are not geared towards stifling a player's imagination or passion.

- If you have an issue with someone OOC, it is up to you to manage your block/ignore features to avoid interactions.  Please DO NOT block or ignore the Room controllers and mediators as that makes our job of safeguarding you harder, and we do want to ensure that this is a safe space where people aren't being harassed, abused, etc.

YELLOW notations apply on a grand scale, quite possibly covering the whole city. Things such as explosions or other large scale play should be notated in yellow. Please attempt to acknowledge such notations as the storytellers will utilize this feature. As players you are welcome to utilize it too.

-No mass destruction to the city without previously speaking to room controllers or mediators.

This is a FULL KILL ZONE.  If your character is killed here, however, it is only dead in the Supernatural genre.  Daredevil dying here would not mean that it would effect the character in the Marvel rooms or a biker clan members death would not carry over to an SoA room. These are your stories within our room and we have no right to dicate character lives and existences outside of our room and genre.



For any inqueries, suggestions, or concerns, please speak to one of the four either by Skype if you have it or one of the two forums -

Shockwave :
Z3R0 on Revo Forums, CyberAssasin on Assassin Forums

Ashlee :
Ashlee on the Revo Forums and Assassin Forums

Tool :
Assassin on the Revo Forums and Assassin Forums

Faile on the Revo Forums, Karen on Assassin Forums


The Assassin's journey has led them to an Apex within the realm of the Supernatural. The human and supernatural underworld know of their presence and the Assassins can no longer keep their presence unknown behind the secret of the Masquerade that one ruled them. An un-easy treaty has been brokered; New York City and it's neighboring parts are up for grabs by all and control goes to those who can navigate within the underworld of the city's politics, financials, entertainment and corruption.

For the most part the Assassins stay on their island and ensure the peace but 8 million souls are congregated in a single city. So many people ripe for any other worldly entity looking to collect souls, flesh, minions or cause chaos that would tip the balance of the Universe one way or the other. Protecting the city, and the balance, are the Soul Assassins, new and old from time long past and days anew. Their charge: protect the balance and to never let good or evil, order or chaos, magic or science exceed one or the other.

Make no mistake: New York City is the epicenter of the Supernatural revolution and the Assassins are watching.
Friend or foe the Assassins lay claim to honor the city and their Order. Hire them, challenge them or avoid them at your own peril or profit. This is not strictly just a Supernatural room. Whereas monsters walk around you, 8 million humans still live and function within the daily activities of New York City. What this means is that any kind of character that could function in this setting can be played here.

For example Any SoA character, or Dominatrix from an erotic room, Fantastical creature from Fantasy can bring characters here. Daredevil from Marvel could function in this room, for example. If one could find a way to incorporate Iron Man, Supergirl, or Optimius Prime realistically in this setting, than they are welcome. You need not be a monster to create Mayhem.

The Assassins appear as humans; alhough they wield Supernatural powers. We will have villains, heroes and anti-heroes that if any family, group, guild or clan wishes to control a part of New York City, will be on hand to enhance a story. Just don't get too cozy, for the Assassins maintain the balance.

All are invited to take on room massive events or play ont heir own in their specific storylines. We have multiple storylines in the works and those will be listed on our Assassins Forum. We are not short on creative talent and are always focusing on scaleability, functionality, acceptance and incorporating room player feedback into what they want to see. The room, Haven, is friendly to all. Character are living, breathing entities with their own feelings on another character. Players of all skill levels are welcome here. Our room name is just that, a Haven to all who choose to call here home. We are not just free-form rules. We are Free Form. We have and utilize the freedom to help you find what your creative effigy is and let it go forth. We are seasoned vetrans; not elitists. Anyone new is more than welcome to reach out and ask for assistance, be it in fighting or playing, or just overall storyline questions but you do need to ask for that help.

We may be Monsters, but we are not mind readers. Vocalize what you want from your stories or to be included in anthing going on room and we will do our best to help you find what you are looking for. Choose your own adventure...until it ends...and in some way, shape, or form...be it one way or another...pick up and adventure in a new way