Welcome A/all to 
Dark DeMašque Mansion

This is the Home of the following rulers of Empress Jeniã BloodRayven of the Dark DeMašque Coven Family Mansion/Sanctuary.
An Underworld Dark Legion Mansion Coven for Her Fallen Angel/Vampyre family and its Members.
This a Dark Realm Mansion Coven and provides a Sanctuary Home to those who seek it with Protection. It's Royal Bloodline Members and Non Bloodline family tend to be a very protective family within it’s mansion walls. DeMasque Coven Homes tend to have someone within their bloodline that you are connected to of 3 ways:
bloodlines shared in a New Awakening Embracing joining together or Either by being their embraced childe, or by being married into it.
The DeMasque Coven can very well be family related to many people within the mansion home and even have some members who are not blood related to them. One should know that We will stand up and protect it’s own. This Home does in fact provide protections to those within the mansion and its surrounds homes.
So it should always be assumed that they may and could attack if threaten and to never betray them. Be Respectful to follow their Rules and guidelines that are set within Dark DeMasque Mansion. All Royal Courtship and Members are treated Equally with Respect.

A Dark world of Darkness of the Masquerade Realm of Free-Form and part of White-Wolf system,all types of genders styles,Gothic/Steam punk,bdsm vampyre,Fallen Angels,WereWolf, the nocturnal Creatures of the night, all erotic styles Dom/Dommes/subs and slaves are welcomed in the Dark Masquerade Mansion there can be Role play of Strong Nocturnal activities that may take place with sparing of mortals and of dark creatures of the night: vampire/werewolves feedings(Not forced) or Mature sexual activities(kept within REVO rules)scenes.

Dark DeMasque Mansion with a Royal Court under the protection of the Guardsmen Knights of DMM who are fiercely honor bound Warriors and hold great respect for their Empress and Royal Court Members. This Royal Court consisting of an Empress,Lords,Queens,Princesses,Prince, and Royal Noble Gentlemen and Ladies who like to indulge the most deepest dark desires in all styles,some may enjoy feedings of blood dolls, or dark realm Fantasies and Sparing.

DeMasque Rules of Conduct:

Room Leader: Empress Jeniã BloodRayven 

Empress Jeniã BloodRayven

(Empress/Sire of DDM and of Dark DeMašque Coven)


Now this way please, enter and enjoy Our Dark DeMasque Mansion.