We Are Gor

This room is for teachings of Gor and will be respected as a location that doesn't exist yet carries everything gleaned from inside over onto the planet of Gor.

You are welcome to use the room for any of the following:

Spar Training & Fighting Skill Practices

  • Ideally, these can be conducted IC, so that the character can learn from the teaching.
  • This would provide a meeting place for teachers and students who may not be able to meet otherwise.

Gorean Book Discussions

  • These can be attended IC or OOC in order to gain knowledge or other perspectives on the advertised topic.
  • Regardless of being IC or OOC, know the rules below and respect the genre.

Dispute Mediation**

  • These would be attended by characters in order to find mediation on situations that may not be able to be resolved in the separate homestones engaged in a dispute.
  • Rulings through Gorean Mediation would carry over into roleplay.
  • Disputes can range from a collared slave captured in the Crossroads, to honor being impugned but no way to have the confrontation inside each other's homestones. These are just two examples, of the hundreds that could occur.
  • This offers a roleplay option as opposed to forum griping where everyone interferes. Both sides could state their case, answer Magistrate questions, and settle things.

**NOTE: Mediation should come from the Gorean communities, those in positions best equipped to settle disagreements. ReVo will NOT provide these Magistrates, they should come from the community but we are willing to keep a list here of any that make themselves available so people have a go-to. A Magistrate is not required to be on the list in order for them to mediate between two (or more) agreeable parties.

Scripts: would ideally be posted, with all irrelevant posts removed, to the Gorean Genre board on ReVo's forums so others may learn and/or be aware of what transpired.

Magistrate List:

  • Volstagg of Sulport

Any other reasonable situation or gathering that is Gorean related.

General rules

  • Respect will go both directions.
  • You are held accountable for both IC and OOC actions in this room.
  • Maturity and common sense are expected from all players who enter here.

Safe zone rules for We Are Gor

  • No killing.
  • No fighting.
  • No collaring.
  • No capturing.