You are entering the Northern Forest, near the Northern Hrimgar Mountains

The encampment is The Dancing Spear Panther Band, which consists of Female Outlaws that reside in the Northern Forest. The encampment accepts runaway Free Woman and slaves, however they will be put to task and challenged accordingly in order to survive the harshness of the Forest. Men beware and tread lightly. Men are not welcome here unless you are either a captive to be enslaved, sold or killed. Men have no domain here and will be dealt with accordingly.

The encampments only water source comes from the melting snow fall of the Hrimgar Mountains at the base and back of the camp into a Grotto. We have No inlet here for ships and and the forest is too dense for Tarn landing. The only arrival to Camp is by foot through the thick and vast Northern Forest.

Among the Dancing Spear Panther Band is a complete Outlawy of Panther Girls where only the strong will survive. The dance of spears, the running wild within the forest and hunting in packs and elimination of Rogue Panthers is key. The Panther Girl will not keep many men or women long unless they are proven of note and worth to keep around.

Please Read the Rules before making any assumptions


I. You are entering a FULL CAPTURE, FULL KILL and FORCE COLLAR ZONE using 1-100 dice roll system. All combat will be judged by the Room Controller unless she is directly involved and then she will select an individual to rule on events in her stead as a proxy or arbiter

II. We require a 2/5/2 action sequence. You must enter by foot and start at the N. Hrimgar Game Trail and make 2 actions to enter, 5 actions of role-play, and 2 actions to exit.

III. We have encounters for strangers and if you are roleplaying on a game trail, passage, or pathway and the encounter pops below your post then your time stamp decides your fate. If the last number on the time stamp was an odd number. You are captured until retrieved hanging from a vine trap. If your time stamps last number was even then you have circumvented the trap. The trap encounter does not count for members.

IV. All Members agree to wear tags according to operation specs and agree to abide their band leader.

V. All Members agree to not travel alone into the northern forest and agree to not engage anyone in the northern forest without two or more party members available and will always flee if engaged in combat until more of the panther band can assist.

VI. There will be adult sexual situations permitted within the room, if you don't want to see this, don't enter.

VII. The Private whisper/PM function is meant for chatters to accept wanted and warranted private whispers among role-players. If it is reported to any moderator of the room that you are trolling in whispers without permission, you will be booted from the room.

VIII. Names are Required to observe here. Anonymous type names will be removed from the room. Disruptive visitors will be removed.

IX. OOC Brackets such as (( )) and thoughts of rudeness will be held accountable within this environment.

X. If you are incapable of defending yourself in melee combat & providing for the camp, you will be captured , enslaved and either kept by individuals or sold at the LEP.

XI. We allow Gender Bending & Multiple Characters, as long as individuals are honest with their Role and fill out a profile.