The Story So Far...

Over 1330 Turns (Years) ago the world was nearly destroyed by massive continent wide earthquakes and cataclysms. Altering the World of Lusara physically to what it is now. Nearly 20 Turns ago Tera al'Maera Queen of the Kingdom of Albion Ascended to the throne left vacant by her husband the Last King Henrick Rothgar even over her own son. This was after millennium of wars fought under the various Kings that came before who ravaged the land trying to mend from the Great Cataclysm. Now though its a land steeped in beauty, passion, power, and Machiavellian like Games of Political Intrigue. Games designed to gain the players access and ear to those who rule from the Throne. Those who hold the wealth and power. Lusara in general and Albion in particular is a place where your ambition can only be matched by your skill to play the Great Game of Intrigue. Everyone from the most powerful high born to the lowest slave in order to better their cause, their lot in life or their Owner's personal power. Slavery has existed both institutionally and personally for thousands upon thousands of Turns. These human animals bred for beauty, grace, sexuality or simply as beasts of labor. They are kept and used as both prized possessions and tools for their continued playing of the Game regardless of the Owner's station in life. Be it Noble, Commoner, Merchant or Royal. In this Renaissance Type land you will find elements of fantasy as well as D/s fetishes of all kind. There are a few things you will need to know in order to progress in this world but please don't let that stop you. The Room Leader and long time players are here to answer your queries. We also invite you to view our Forum to find out all the details. Pay especial attention to the LEXICON! We ask you give the rules a quick read to get you on your way and be sure to check out THE STORY SO FAR! In the mean time...

Welcome to the World of Lusara! The Royal City of Tiersis and Beyond Awaits You!

Room Leader is....Erlkonig

All ReVo rules apply as well as a few of  The World of Lusara room rules.. Please see below.

1) ALL ReVo Site Rules Apply!
2) Character Sheets Are Required Before Play Will Count. Limit 2 to Start.
3) We Allow Graphic Roleplay In Public As Long As It Falls Within ReVo Rules!
4) Drama Happens. It's the Basis for the Game. Please Limit it TO the Game. Players Are Expected to Handle their Own Issues like Adults. Keep it to PM. If It Can't Be Resolved then Contact Game Staff / Mediators.
5) If There is Active RP Please Keep OOC to a Minimum.
6) Coming into the Room Constitutes Consent for Events in the Game. That being said if there is a situation you can't bring yourself to play out PM the Other Player. They should be fine about altering the play. Remember. You're an Adult.
7) This is a Renaissance Fantasy D/s Setting with Machiavellian Politics (Look it Up). Try and keep AVs or context of your character within this. There is a LEXICON of Terms that serve as part of this game. Please READ IT. It will give you a lot of basic information to help you out. There is roughly 20 years of Lore. No one expects you to learn it over night but it's a GREAT starting point.

The World of Lusara is a Creation of Erlkonig
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