Clash of the Champions

Everyone always said... I'll do it tomorrow.. I'll do it later... well what happens if there may not be a tomorrow? What happens if those people you said you'd see later, tomorrow, next week.. suddenly were gone... dead... or.. something worse.. because that's exactly what happened.

No one really ever thought the war would come.. sure they have been talking about it, President after President... and then one day.. the missiles started flying.. fired from silos all over the world.. at America... at Canada.. at Russia... from every way and beyond... there was no sense to it all.. it simply happened. Good guys.. bad guys.. people who hated each other for decades were suddenly brought together in a time of self preservation, perhaps the enemy of my enemy is my friend type thought, but in truth that's how it happened.

The war made the fabric of reality.. or perhaps a better thought would be, the fabric of the realities, very fragile... almost egg shell like and that can be a very difficult line to navigate to begin with.. but when it was all said and done... all the bullets fired, bombs exploded, missiles shot off... there was a body count.. a fairly steep price to pay for all involved.. losses were felt on all sides... and sometimes in the confusion of loss and bereavement is when the most sinister things can happen.

The Hellfire Club, well what remained of it after the war... decided to try to take advantage of the situation... and thought they could use the chaos, strife and confusion to their benefit. Perhaps find a way to take over and rule from the White House.. and so in an act of harried thinking, Donald Pierce got hold of Selene's spell book. Rule number one I might add, never let an inexperienced spell caster use a spell book, the consequences can have dire repercussions.

Donald Pierce thought he was smart, he found a spell that would turn the undead into zombies and apparently he misread or misinterpreted the spell because he expected the Hellfire Club to be able to control and to command this new found army of the newly risen. He thought it would give them the numbers and as such also help improve his ranking within the hierarchy; he was wrong.

He was right, the spell gave them the numbers they'd need with the undead army, the problem was... they couldn't control or command them. There was way to reason, bargain or barter either with this new found army... and that was not the only problem. They weren't playing favourites... the newly risen were attacking anyone and everyone.. it did not matter if they were friends, family or flat out enemies. Everyone was fair game.

That was just one of the new found problems with all of this. The fact the spell seemed to have no off switch or cancellation button was one problem... but the fact recently dead humans, aliens, meta-humans and mutants and mutates were all rising as well posed another problem. people with powers, abilities and more were coming back from the dead and that made them not only dangerous but lethal as well.

The other major problem with Donald Pierce casting this spell was, due to his inexperience he was unaware of how delicate the fabric of reality had become at that juncture in time.. and a hole was torn between worlds... it was fast, instant.. and as fast as it happened it was done.. the deal sealed. Worlds that had never known of the other were suddenly combined.. People who were never seen walking down the street, were now there.. as if they always had been. People neither world recognized now having to get used to each other in order to come to terms of working together in order to survive and hopefully find a way to end this insanity.

Now, the world is in abject chaos. Not only is there the every day problems to deal with as well as Sentinels... but there is also this rising and continually growing army of zombies to contend with... even Doctor Strange has been consulted and has as of yet been able to find a way to reverse or cancel the spell... and is busy at work trying to find a way... we can only hope someone finds soon because the more people die be it from any cause, the more problematic things are going to get...