Welcome to The Alinjah Realm: Year of Cyberpunk, Darkness, Goth, Sex, Money, Violence

Its the year 2077, and the world has grumbled in on itself. This is the year where Goth and Cyberpunk has become a very big lifestyle. Big famous cities, and landmarks have become wastelands. The governments all over the world have crumbled in on themselves and fallen. Without the governments to rule, The world has caved in on itsself.. The people that have survived fight to become leaders, who follows who? that is the question no body seems to have an answer for. 

But out of the dark and out of the dust, Geneco has risen and now they plan to take over the world. Geneco makes body parts and mutations to help save the human race. With Geneco, they created a group called The Repos! They are the ones that get called, when payment is past due. They come after You and take back the mutations and body parts that Geneco has made.  Geneco has become so powerful with the help of this group, they intend to take over the entire world.

However, The plot thickens so to speak For there is another group called the Underground...

The Underground is known as the Grave Robbers as well. They are the ones who bring the people hunted by Geneco into a safe haven. A city hidden below the depths of Geneco and the world. They call it the Underground City. Geneco is not clever enough to find this city and attack it. They are at war with Geneco and they have the biggest weapon That Geneco has created.


Warning this room contains: Open Sex Scenes, Violence, Blood, Gore, Strong Language (((Please keep in mind, though open scenes are allowed, please do not use my room as a sex room))


All Revo Rules Apply To This Room<br>

Nudity is allowed, but please be tasteful as well

This Roleplay involves Open Nudity and Open Sex Scenes, and BDSM

Open scene you play a vampire character, you may feed in the open

There is no character limit, anything and everything is welcome to be here

You can play on both sides, the side of the enemy and the Good Side

Gender bending is allowed

Please use actual names

Anonymous Names, Dots, one lettered names, and numbers are not welcomed

<(Example...L, B, C, A, O, U, W) if Your name has Two letters in it, it is welcomed Like C.B., W.C., W.T. Ect those kind of names i will allow

As i have friends with those names ((Love You W.T.))

this is also free forum based

Please be respectful to everyone

The  owner of the room is Doshtaroth aka Wyckid Cupcake, her word is final

If you have ideas for the storyline and such, please feel free to speak with The Room Owner and we can set the ideas into motion, any and all help is welcome

You will only be told three times before you are booted from the room.

No God Moding, the posts will be voided

Any fights that happen will be posted on the forum to be judged.

This Is a Mirror Room.......If You dont like something being done in Your room, then i ask You respect that and dont

do it in my room

This is a Kill Zone as Well.

Rules for Masters, Mistresses, Submissives, and Slaves

All Submissives, and Slaves will need to have their names lower cased,

(This will help keep confusion away from who is who and what is what)

2: Roleplays involving a Master/Mistress, Submissive/Slave, it needs to be agreed between both parties before one is collared

3: Submissives/Slaves: You will be respectful to everyone in the room, Those who are not a Sub/Slave have a final say

4: This is a Capture Zone, but again, like i said it needs to be agreed between both parties before one is captured and force collared