Room Setting


Room Rules
All ReVo rules apply as well as a few of Tales Across the Galaxy's own room rules.. Please see below.

There will be no one under the age of 18 allowed participation in Tales Across the Galaxy's. No exceptions.
Please be mindful of nudity. This is a roleplaying room, not a sexual orgy. Those avatars are better suited for Sex Arcade. Check out the board for more information.
Absolutely NO images depicting child pornography or bestiality will be tolerated. Also the use of underage models/celebrities in avatars is forbidden.
Respect is paramount. The staff will have it for the players and would like the players to have it for both the staff and their fellow players as well!
Tales Across the Galaxy's is a drama free area. All issues are to be taken to private. If there is a serious issue that needs the attention of a staff member, please message them privately and it will be handled accordingly. Most importantly, have fun!

| Room Leaders: Gennifairy & Christian |
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