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Serverus is an alternate dimension that is the Mirror universe of Planet Troi. Upon entering Serverus, you shall be expected to follow the rules, and failure to do so may result in the booting of you or your character.

Serverus is ruled by a tyrant Emperor named Damien. He is married to an equally evil and heartless woman named Shadow Queen. Damien is the exact opposite of Fitzroy, the Emperor of Planet Troi, and in fact was at one time part of him. Damien has conquered the entire universe and Serverus and made most of its females into his personal play things and slaves, except for the few who have managed to escape his grasp and are in hiding along with the remaining civilization in the rumored underground city.(For more information on Damien, see the Short Stories which will be on the message board ASAP) Damien has a few servants and a few loyal subjects/followers, whom will die to serve him and his wife. (More information in the Serverus History, that will be on the message board ASAP).

Serverus, unlike Troi, is a decimated and evil ruled world. There are unseen dangers and you should watch your back as well. There are few buildings that are not in ruin or towns that are not destroyed, aside from the Royal Palace. There is an underground city, which is rumored to be th last remaining city. Serverus is a living hell for some, others call it home, and for some its even paradise. You may see an occasional fight or even a full scale battle, however it is still dangerous and mysterious place. There are many volcanoes in various areas as well as zombies and other sorted out dangers and creatures lurking around. There are also pockets of resistance and rebel forces scattered throughout the planet.

Another thing that is common about Serverus is, that for every person or thing in Serverus, there is an opposite of them on Troi. This means that if a character is good in Troi, it will have an equal and or double of themself on Serverus that is evil. (Means you may create another character, however this is not required or expected of you, it is just a recommendation)

Serverus Rules


1 - The Emperor, and his FAMILY may not be harmed in any way, unless there is one or more of the following
A) There is a Story-line based reason.
B) The family member has been dis-owned or anything to that affect.
C) The family member has a bounty or mark (Assassin's) upon their heads, placed ONLY by the Emperor.
D) Permission of the Emperor has been given to engage a family member in combat.

 2 - The Emperor himself cannot be targeted by any hostile actions, unless pre-planned and agreed on by him. All hostile actions that have not been pre-set to happen, will be NULL and VOID. The Emperor may choose to accept or decline such an action, but is by no means required to do so. All attempts of assassination and/or capture (Against the Emperor and his family) unless pre-planned and agreed on, will be VOID automatically.

 3 - Under service or obligation to the Emperor, you devote your complete and total loyalties. If an occasion might occur where a member of the family,or a person working for the Emperor should decide to betray or disobey, the Emperor MAY forgive you and wave you off with a simple warning. He will also be able to declare that character KOS (Kill On Sight). KOS is the ONLY exception to the normal combat rules. A character that is KOS, may be attacked at any time, in any place, without warning or pre-set agreement to the rules. Any attempts to ignore or void a KOS spar, will result in immediate booting of your character.

 4 - The Stargate is the only way into this realm. It is protected by the same force that protects the realm Emperor. This means at no time can the Stargate be [ Destroyed, Attacked, Altered, or Tampered With] in any way,shape, or form. There are a few exceptions to this rule (ask room owner for these exceptions)

 5 - It is asked that at all times, the Emperor and members of his family, shall be respected at all times. There is no real punishment for being disrespectful. There will be no stated punishment for it, though be warned. If at ANY time your character is found being disrespectful, she/he MAY find themselves with a bounty or mark upon their head.

 6 - Slavery. A thing that exists on this world. The laws of slavery are very simple. Male characters are not to be kept as slaves, women and women alone may be a slave, and to the same extent only a women character may own a slave. Men who are slaves must be disguised as a women or otherwise kept secret.(this means they must also have fake boobs etc )

The Emperor is the ONLY male allowed to own slaves. All slavery must be kept in good taste. We are human beings here, and need to conform to the standards of society. Slavery will be kept in good manor (some exceptions to this rule exist, such as TF and petplay) and good taste, no slavery of underage characters PERIOD. Some NPC scening however may occur, but keep it limited, and if asked to take it to PM or stop, please do so.

7- Nudity is allowed within avatars, however we ask that you keep it tasteful and respectful.Male avatars we ask that you show no 'package' shots; ass and bare chest is fine.Female avatars we ask that you don't show your crotch shots please.We want to keep porn out of the room. Thank you.

8 - NO Out Of Character harassment AT ALL! You will be given 3 warnings, then gagged, if after gagging the problem persists, you will be removed from the room.

9 - NO displaying of underage models, or anything illegal. PERIOD.

10 - {VD} (Vegeta Dynasty) and the Digital Brat (and family of his) Have NO power or authority here, so do not bother coming, if you intend on causing trouble.

11 - ANYTHING to do with sexual things and children is a definite NO!!

12 - Open Scening is allowed, however we ask that if an active role play is going on, or you are asked by a fellow role player, to please take the scene to Private whispers.

13 - Any role play involving Rape is not allowed, however the exception to that is if it is a planned role play. Even then, you must ask the Room Controller or the Room Mediator for permission first and if permission is granted then you are asked to keep this type of role play strictly to your private whispers

14 - Keep profanity to a minimum please.

15 - Please take a name, even if its "Mindless Fool" Anonymous names can and will be ignored (this means ... and stuff like that as well) and dont take a name that is offensive to others please.

16 - If you want to observe, that is fine, but please do it quietly and do not disturb the other role players. (this isn't a general chat room, please dont think of it as such)

17 - NO racist or sexist comments about other Role-players.

18 - Avatar size is 500 x 350, it may be larger as per site rules, however we do reserve the right to ask you to remove it.

19 - All forms of Role Playing are allowed in this room. DBZ, Free Form, WW, and all others. God Moding will NOT be tolerated. (Example : Super Saiya-jin 6 cannot be used, as it doesn't exist at this point and time.)

Kill On Sight Rules

1 - Only the Emperor may declare KOS
2 - Before attacking a KOS character, please confirm with the Emperor that the person is KOS.
3 - The Emperor may remove a KOS from any character.
4 - If a character is victorious in a KOS, his/her KOS tag will automatically be removed, and will remain removed unless re-earned (Just because it is removed, don't mean you must be accepted back to your former position/job/status).
5 - A character declared KOS may be attacked anywhere, at any time in the room.
6 - A character declared KOS may be killed without the benefit of a Judge, as they are not needed for KOS.
7 - All effects of KOS spars are final and they cannot be voided, except by the room owner/Emperor.
8 - KOS spars follow the same rules as normal combat, not including the judge.

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