• This is a free-form room for players 18 and over that caters primarily to anime, manga, and similar fandoms. All Revo site rules apply.
  • Named observers are welcome to watch and ask questions. Anonymous visitors may be ignored.
  • Extended OOC is to be taken to PM, messenger, or the ReVo shoutbox.
  • AVs should be 900x600 or less and of an appropriate nature - no full nudity, no pornography. Series artwork, fanart, and 'real' models are all acceptable.
  • All theme-appropriate fandoms are welcome. Generic pulldowns are available for fandoms without their own.
  • Fandom crossovers are to occur ONLY in the generic pulldowns, and only with the agreement of all players involved.
  • Both canon and original characters may be played here. See the forums for more details on canon characters.
  • Graphic depictions of violence and some sexuality are permitted. More explicit content should go to PM. Player consent is generally needed for kills, captures, and major character alterations.
  • For more detailed information about our rules, please use the link above! You will be held to them whether you've read them or not.

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