In another time, Barry Allen, The Flash attempted to travel back in time and save his mother's life. This resulted in a paradox and a divergent timeline was formed known as the Flashpoint Universe. Barry's attempt was futile where as he wasn't able to save his mother and upon his return to his proper time and effort to stop his past self from going back in the first place, the mysterious Pandora was able to merge the Post-Crisis DC Universe, the Wildstorm Universe and aspects of both Vertigo and Flashpoint together! Thus, the New 52 was born! Now... imagine if Barry hadn't been a selfish prick and Flashpoint and the New 52 never happened? Welcome to DC Noir, starting point... right after the events of Brightest Day!

Your room owners are Christian (Batman) and gennifairy!{C}(Wonder Woman). Your room Moderator is ck (Lois Lane) and der Erlkonig (Kru El) and Grey (Damien Wayne). Our Epic Board Mod is WildThing (Danse)
. If they are not present, any players in our room will be happy to answer your questions to the best of their ability, or direct you to the person or resource that can. We are here to assist your journey into the world of DC Noir. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch with us for anything you might need. The room's message forum is an invaluable tool which allows you, the player, all the resources you need to begin your journey. There is also a PM function on the forum to allow you to contact the person you're looking for. What makes DC Noir stand out in today's online comic RP world is we no longer require character sheets. That's right... NO CHARACTER SHEETS! All you need do is come to the forum and post for the character you want! That's it, pretty easy!

All ReVo rules apply as well as a few of DC Noir room rules.. Please see below.
+No Character Sheets required!
+There will be no one under the age of 18 allowed participation in DC Noir. No exceptions.
+Please be mindful of nudity. This is a roleplaying room, not a sexual orgy. Those avatars are better suited for Sex Arcade. Check out the board for more information.
+Absolutely NO images depicting child pornography or bestiality will be tolerated. Also the use of underage models/celebrities in avatars is forbidden.
+OoC is allowed in the room. OoC about comics or general genre is more than welcomed.
+Respect is paramount. The staff will have it for the players and would like the players to have it for both the staff and their fellow players as well!
+DC Noir is a drama free area. All issues are to be taken to private. If there is a serious issue that needs the attention of a staff member, please message them privately and it will be handled accordingly.
+ Most importantly, have fun!

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