Do you ever feel like a misfit? Everything inside you is dark and twisted? Oh, but it's okay to be different..
'Cause baby, so am I - Ava Max

-Revo rules apply.
-This is not a RP room, but OOC playing/setting a scene is fine.
-Scat, child play/age play & bestiality is strictly prohibited. 
-Leave drama in your own life, don't spread it.
-Anons will be booted.
- No comic/cartoon avs or image posting please. You will be warned.
-Tasteful image posting please. absolutely no bloody hooks, needles or graphic piercings. its a trigger/phobia for some.
-Please no excessive talking/ooc talk if a scene takes place.
-Do not make anyone feel uncomfortable by "oogling" "starring" at a couple in will not be tolerated.
-No means No .. don't push yourself onto someone.
 -All genders, sexual orientations and kinks are welcome. 
-All levels, stations and what You classify yourself as is welcome. do not expect anyone (regardles of station)
 to bow, scrape or use Titles if they do not wish to.
-Affliliate rooms: The Dark Brotherhood & Blackrose Manor.
-The Unwelcome: Curiosity, Ruin, Zhayne/~Z~, Conservative & Siracha