There are special people in this world. We don't ask to be special. We're just born this way.
We pass you on the streets every day, unnoticed by most. It started in 1945. The Nazis were conducting experiments in psychic warfare,
trying to turn those with psychic abilities into soldiers. Lots of us died. The war ended, but the experiments never stopped.
Other governments around the world set up what they called "divisions", trying to do what the Nazis couldn't, to turn us into weapons.
The Divisions Agents are trained to track and hunt us down like animals.
All Site Rules apply.
Three Character Limit.
Max AV Size 900x600.
No underage characters or models.
Keep AVs tasteful, no pornographic avs.
Treat others as you would have them treat you.
One week to play a character before claims are required.
No sheets from other rooms will be accepted as applications.
Scening is permitted, however, take it to PM if requested by others.
This is a kill / capture / collar zone. You will die if you do something stupid.
Room Owner: Kuro [SF]
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Division of Humanity is based on the 2009 movie Push.
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